These 50 Budget-Friendly Destinations Are Worth Checking Out

By Shannon

Looking for somewhere to travel to, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend? When traveling on a budget, there are several factors at play that will help you save money. Certain times of the year are less expensive for some countries. There are also random flash sales that you can take advantage of on sites like SkyScanner, so long as you are flexible about the time frame of when you go on vacation. So there are ways to go almost anywhere in the world for cheap, once you do the research.

However, there are some places in the world that are known for being budget-friendly all year long. Here are 50 places around the world where you can get a cheap getaway on almost any budget.


Balinese temple. Credit: Shutterstock

50. Bali, Indonesia

The book and movie Eat Pray Love made Bali a popular spot for tourists around the world. While it may be slightly more expensive than it used to be, it’s still incredibly cheap to stay there. If you look on AirBnB, you can find amazing accommodations for under $20 a night, or you can book an apartment for villa for $140 to $400 for an entire month. Your trip to Bali can be as cheap or expensive as you want to make it. There are trendy restaurants where meals are still less than $10, or you could spend $2 on a meal eating from a street vendor. The best way to get around is by motorcycle, which you can rent per-day, or hire someone to help take you around. All of their famous temples, beaches, and forests are totally free to visit, and cheap yoga classes abound. Most travelers get away with spending less than $500 after airfare.