These 40 Stores and Restaurants Are Open on Labor Day 2019

By Shannon

Labor Day weekend is basically the last time everyone has their last hurrah in the summer before the kids go back to school. Since it is a national holiday, plenty of businesses are closed, like the US Postal Service, banks, liquor stores, and even Costco. For some people, it’s just another weekend, and they need to get their errands done before the work week begins. Plenty of parents need to rush out to get the kids school supplies and new first-day outfits. Check out this list of 40 retail chains that are staying open this Labor Day so you don’t accidentally show up to a store that’s closed.

CVS Pharmacy will be open on Labor Day. Credit: Shutterstock

40. CVS

CVS Pharmacy gives more than just medication. They are basically a fully stocked convenience store. If you need anything from CVS, you should be happy to learn that it is open on Labor Day.