The Richest People In Each of the 50 States

Leonard Hyde & Jonathan Rubini co-own a real estate development company. Credit:

49. Alaska: Leonard Hyde & Jonathan Rubini. $300 million

For years, Alaska was the home of one of a huge gold rush. Today, the richest men are running a very different kind of business. Co-owners of JL Properties, Leonard Hyde and Jonathan Rubini, own the corporation 50/50. Hyde is the president, and Rubini is the CEO. This is a huge real estate development company in Anchorage, Alaska. They both own several of the Anchorage’s largest buildings. Just a few examples are the JL Tower, and the ConocoPhillips Towers. They also own an entire business park in Utah, and a hotel in Florida. They each respectively have a net worth of $300 million, putting them at a tie for richest men in Alaska.