The Highest Net-Worth Individuals In Each of the 50 States

By Shannon

The United States is a massive country divided into 50 individual states. Each of these territories has its own unique culture and landscape. It truly is interesting to see how the wealthiest people in each state made their money, because it says so much about the location, and the opportunities that arise there. Here are the 50 richest people in each state.

Jimmy Rane stars in commercials as a character called “Yella Fella”. Credit:

50. Alabama: Jimmy Rane. $950 million

Jimmy Rane is the CEO of the Great Southern Wood Preserving company. Back in the 1970’s, Jimmy and his brother had a very small family company treating wood in their backyard. For years, they were only bringing in $22,000 annually, but Rane spent years building the company until it began making more than $1 billion in profits every year. Now, they treat massive quantities of lumber that is used for decks, construction, and fencing. When he appears on TV commercials for his company, Jimmy Rane has a cowboy persona called “The Yella Fella”. He has a personal net worth estimated at $950 million.