The 30 Real Reasons People Can’t Save Enough Money

You can download an app to help you save automatically. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Not Automating Your Savings

Sometimes, saving is easier when you don’t even have a chance to touch the money. If you already have both a checking and savings account, you can go to your company’s HR department and ask them to deposit a certain amount of money into your savings account every time you get paid.  You can also set up automatic withdrawals into savings with most banks.  

An automated savings program can separate money into different accounts. Credit: Shutterstock

There are also certain apps that will help you automatically save money, like Acorns. This app will take your spare change when you go shopping and automatically transfer it into a savings account. For example, if you go to a store can you buy a cup of coffee for $2.50, the remaining $0.50 will go into a savings account. Yes, this is a very small amount of money, but a lot of people find this to be very helpful. Even your spare change will add up over time and help you save for a rainy day.