The 30 Places to Retire in America

By Simi
The 30 Places to Retire in America

Imagine waking to your local diner for coffee or strolling through the crime-free streets of your new town. What about finding a place that has a lower cost of living, so you can save up for a cruise? There may be a growing local economy with opportunities too, even in your senior years. What sort of new lifestyle will you enjoy in your retirement? If you have no idea where to retire, keep reading to learn about the 20 best places to retire in America.

Take a deep breath of unpolluted, fresh mountain air and hear nature at your doorstep. Will you take up birding or join a local walking group? You can make new friends and try new hobbies, too. Are you creative? How about a mountain vista to or ocean view to inspire you?

Being practical also means thinking of the services available to you and your spouse. How easily can you access healthcare? How many local doctors are there? Can the local healthcare community meet all your needs?

Looking at your mobility is important, too. Do you plan on driving a car, and if not, what is local transport like? Perhaps you want a slower pace of life away from congested traffic and big cities. This list has ranked these spots from 30 all the way down to the number one place to retire in America, so be sure to read to the end.

30. Abilene, Texas

Welcome to beautiful Abilene. The cost of living is four percent below the national average. Dyess Air Force Base is the biggest employer in the area. You will have your choice of cultural attractions and community spirit. With a population of 170,600, it’s a college town and a big agricultural community, too.

Pop into one of many public libraries, or evangelical churches or wander over to the Paramount Theatre. You can also go the Abilene Zoo or to one of many public parks. Unemployment is fairly low at 4.2 percent. The average house price is $162,400 and the median household income is $47, 836.

Enjoy the sites and sound sounds of Abilene. Visit the Abilene Philharmonic or the Grace Museum. Defense is the major industry of Abilene, so you can visit the 12th Armored Division Museum or be inspired at the Center for Contemporary Arts.

Abilene is a part of an area the call, “The Big Country” or “Texas Midwest.” It is situated along the edge of a subtropical, humid climate zone, but there are parts to the west that are semi-arid. Abilene has three lakes, Lytle Lake, Kirby Lake and Lake Fort Phantom Hill to the north. It is a transport hub for the area as well as a retail, medical and commercial area.