Surprising Stats About Americans’ Spending Habits

American homes keep getting bigger. Credit: Pixabay

19. It Keeps Getting Bigger

In the 1940s, American soldiers returned home from World War II and began the Baby Boomer generation. Families began to move into the suburbs, and they built cute little homes with a white picket fence. This became the ideal living situation for most families, and it is now known as “The American Dream.” At some point, those tiny cookie-cutter homes were no longer big enough. Over the past 50 years, the average American household as tripled in size.

The past few decades have become the era of “McMansions.” Credit: Pixabay

Years ago, people didn’t spend as much time inside of their houses. They were spending their time out in the community sharing public spaces. Coming home was usually just to eat dinner and go to sleep. Kids shared bedrooms, and entire families got by with just one bathroom. Now, everyone seems to want more. Recently, the Tiny House movement has begun to combat this trend, so there is a chance that maybe people have finally realized that bigger is not always necessarily better.