Shark Tank Ideas That Never Should’ve Been Funded

By Trista
Shark Tank Ideas That Never Should’ve Been Funded

Shark Tank is a business reality show broadcast on ABC. It’s an exciting program to watch, as it involves real business deals being pitched to a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs. These investors take on chance on unique inventions and startup companies and put their own money on the line. Many companies have gone from being started in someone’s garage to a being household name in short time. It’s great to see how Shark Tank can help so many people launch their brands.

When it comes to Shark Tank, there are going to be some inevitable misses along with the hits. Some pitches are so bad that it’s shocking the company made it onto the show in the first place. Sometimes the Sharks decide to invest in a product that seems excellent. But after the show, it completely fizzles. There are quite a few Shark Tank products that should have never received funding. Many of these ended up causing the Sharks to lose money. Read on to learn all about the ideas from Shark Tank that should have never been funded. 

A set of golf clubs. Credit: Pixabay


The inventor of the UroClub felt that there was a potential need for a product to appeal to both men who golf and frequently need to go to the bathroom. He invented a golf club with a receptacle attached that allows men to urinate in the golf club while on the golf course. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to use a product like this. 

Somehow, however, the UroClub was funded for $25,000 in exchange for a 75 percent stake in the company. The Sharks figured the UroClub would do well as an infomercial product. Unfortunately, this product hasn’t taken off much. It seems like the concept is just too off-putting for most people.