Ranking The Top YouTube Channels Of 2019

By Shannon
Ranking The Top YouTube Channels Of 2019

Making money on YouTube can be tricky. Depending on the type of content someone posts, the value of views goes up and down. Someone with a high subscriber count may not make as much as someone else who has the same amount of fans. Creators are constantly trying to keep up with the YouTube algorithm. Most YouTube stars get brand deals for posts on Instagram, podcasts, affiliate links, and other sources of their income.

Jeffree Star is a great example of a creator who happens to have a popular channel with 16 million subscribers, but his main income comes from his business, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is estimated to earn $200 million per year. Casey Neistat made a name for himself in daily vlogging, and he currently has over 11 million subscribers. He frequently takes public speaking gigs and directs full-length documentaries, as well as his creative studio business 368.

With so many variables in place, it is impossible to tell who really makes the most money using YouTube as their platform to promote their personal brand. Many people like to keep it a secret how much money they actually make. So, for the sake of this article, we are using data from SocialBlade. Even with the data provided, you will see that while the majority of these videos make more the higher they go on the list, it is not always the case. We can provide total subscribers, yearly views, and a rough estimate as to how much these channels are making from in-video advertisements alone. If you are considering making a YouTube channel, this may give some insight into what topics are more profitable than others. 

LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes. Credit: YouTube

30. LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes: $24 Million

With many of the YouTube channels on this list, you’ll notice that the majority of them are kid’s related content. This is for a few reasons. For the first time ever, children are now getting phones, iPads and Smart TVs at home. Parents want their kids to consume content that is family-friendly. So when they find a channel that is filled with high-quality educational content, they stick with it. LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes checks all of those boxes. They create 3D animated cartoons to go along with some famous children’s nursery rhymes. One of their videos has surpassed two billion views.

Subscribers: 22.2 Million 

Yearly Earnings: $24 Million