Overnight Success: 15 People Whose Lives Changed Completely

By Simi
Overnight Success: 15 People Whose Lives Changed Completely

In today’s 24-hour, always on, social streaming and digital world, overnight success is possible. A tide of Likes, followers and customers could be speeding your way. Whether you create something or sell a service, it’s nearly impossible to leap into the international marketplace and become an overnight success. At the same time, the market is highly competitive, so where does overnight success come from?

Is it luck or is it in the stars? Is it hard work or all about fate? The fact is, for some people it just happens. One day they found recognition, someone spotted their talent or loved their business idea, and the rest is history. They achieved the overnight success most people just dream about or spend a lifetime working towards.

Are you someone with a winning idea? Do you dream of becoming a Hollywood actor? How about an internationally bestselling author? Perhaps your art is destined for more than the four corners of your walls or sketchpad. Throughout history, people have found fame and fortune in the most unexpected ways.

Most have done so by following paths that may be entirely different than the average person. So, what do they all have in common? These people achieved something remarkable in a short space of time. They beat the odds using their talents and chasing their dreams. Are you next?

1. Connor Bruggemann: Lunchtime Stockbroker

Do you have a second job? Perhaps you are students and bus tables or work as a professional, but do online research on the side. Most of these methods will bring in extra revenue, but they are not going to make you rich overnight. What if you were able to use your phone during your lunch hour to set up a small business? What if you could make $300,000 per annum working during your lunch hour?

Well, Connor Bruggemann, 16, who did exactly that. This young teenager from New Jersey used his saving to amass a small fortune in a record amount of time. He’s been on Oprah and other talk show programs to talk about his success. Although he stands out from the crowd because of his age, Connor Bruggemann used his capital, which was his summer job savings to do something remarkable.

Connor worked as a busboy, saving all his money. He had $10,000 and managed to turn it into $300 000 in a short space of time. In a single year, he traded penny stocks, making a 3,000 percent profit. Trading on his iPhone in the school cafeteria, he earned a respectable fortune. Connor at just 16, was able to do more than most experienced, professional stockbrokers.

How do you use your lunch break? Could you make $300 000, on the side? This story may make you rethink how you use your daily work breaks.