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Infused Grapeseed Oil Gift Set. Oprahmag.com

Salute Santé! Infused Grapeseed Oil Gift Set

The infused grapeseed oil gift set is the number one new release in grapeseed oils. A great way to help flavor some of your favorite dishes to Oprah’s taste, this gift set will make anyone grateful that they got you as their secret Santa. While this gift is $85.00, you can select it now and receive a coupon for 20% off the purchase price.

Grapeseed oils are great for any low-carbohydrate diet as they are filled with healthy saturated fats. Furthermore, these oils have a variety of nutrients, such as vitamin E and linoleic acid. There are several dishes these oils are excellent for everything from salad dressings to marinating meat. The flavors included in this gift set include roasted garlic, white truffle, basil, lemon, and chili.