Millennials are Putting an End to These 40 Brands

By Trista
Millennials are Putting an End to These 40 Brands

Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996. This generation is quite different from the previous ones, especially when it comes to consumerism. Young people just aren’t as willing to spend their money on anything, and everything, so many companies are struggling right now. You’ve probably heard it before: “Millennials have killed ______.”

Generation Y has been psychologically scarred from growing up during the recession. Memories of growing up with financial instability have led to millennials being tight with their money. They’re more willing to save up for a big purchase instead of continually going shopping or out to eat. Additionally, many brands have struggled with appealing to the younger generation, leading to a decrease in traffic and sales. Millennials are the generation most comfortable with technology and social media, so most of their transactions occur online.

From retail stores to restaurants to food companies, millennials have led to the demise of numerous brands. Keep reading to learn what brands may not be able to survive because of millennial influence.


Credit: J. Crew

1. J. Crew

For many years, J. Crew has been a top retailer. Its classic, casual offerings have been a go-to for celebrities like Michelle Obama and consumers alike. At one time, J. Crew was the ultimate example of American fast fashion.

In 2014, the J. Crew brand began to decline. Shoppers started ordering clothing online and stopped going to malls. Additionally, J. Crew’s aesthetic stopped appealing to millennials. Millennials tend to look for unique, on-the-margins fashion and J. Crew suits the older generation better. J. Crew chose a signature style around 2012 that has since become dated, leading to them losing their freshness.