In The Future, These 40 Skills Will Matter More Than a College Degree

Communication skills are essential for any job. Credit: Shutterstock

39. Communication

Nearly every job in the world requires you to communicate with other people. Whether it’s customer service or simply speaking to your coworkers, it is necessary to speak and write clearly so that people can understand you. When you first apply to a job, make sure your cover letter, resume, and e-mails are free of all spelling and grammar errors. Always be professional and eloquent on the phone as well. 

Successful collaboration starts with communication. Credit: Shutterstock

An example of poor communication would be using slang in your emails, texts, or phone calls. Cursing is absolutely unacceptable. And if you have an issue making eye contact or finding the right words to say during an interview, they may not feel you are the right fit for the job.