How Much One Needs To Make To Live Comfortably In All 50 States

By Shannon
How Much One Needs To Make To Live Comfortably In All 50 States

If you were born and raised in one state your entire life, it might be hard to imagine living anywhere else. After all, your family and friends are all there. But have you ever wondered how your state compares to the rest of the US? Your income may stretch much farther somewhere else, or your retirement savings could last years longer than you would ever expect.

We broke down exactly how much you need to earn to live a comfortable life in every state. We have gathered data from Rent Data, housing prices from Zillow. But of course, you need so much more than just housing costs if you want to live comfortably. The average living wage from GoBankingRates to give you the most comprehensive review of how much it costs to live in each state. 

A “Welcome to Alabama” highway sign. Credit: Shutterstock

50. Alabama: $60,016

Alabama is one of the cheapest places to live in the entire country. A one-bedroom apartment is just $530 per month, and a 4-bedroom rental is $1,068. The median price to purchase a property is $134,300. In terms of housing, these prices are an absolute bargain compared to most states. Alabama has lots of parks, museums, and more. It is also home to the US Space and Rocket Center.