How Much It Costs To Retire Abroad In These 33 Locales

By Trista
How Much It Costs To Retire Abroad In These 33 Locales

You’ve certainly imagined sitting at a beach instead of your desk. You’ve imagined your retirement and what you’d do to fill your days. Whether you love your job or not, you’ve had those days where you want just to throw in the towel and quit your job and never look back. Well, what would you do if you could?

Your dream of retiring early can become a reality, as long as you know the best places to go. There are places around the world that are so cheap. You don’t need to worry about finding a job when you get to your destination. If you are about to retire or want to put in your two weeks and enjoy the rest of your life in a new location, here are some of the cheapest places to live. 

Who wouldn’t want to hang out at the Caribbean Island? Shutterstock.

33. Caribbean Islands

Quit your job and live in the Caribbean Islands? It doesn’t matter which one you choose because they are all reasonably cheap. About 25 million visitors head to the island every year. Between the crystal-clear waters, beaches, various cultures, and beautiful scenery, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation for the rest of your life. 

On average, rent and utilities cost around $500, and your monthly grocery bill is around $200. You can get around through public transportation at about $80 and spend about $100 on entertainment to keep yourself busy. This gives you a monthly budget of $880.