How Drivers Can Get A Tesla For Less Than Their Current Car

These Teslas are available on Carvana. Credit: Carvana

16. Search on Carvana For Amazing Prices

Carvana is a website that allows you to buy a car online. Sure, the thought of buying a car sight-unseen may be a little bit scary, but their website gives you a 360-degree view of both the outside and inside of the car as well as close-ups of any potential damage. They’ll deliver the car to your doorstep and allow you to drive it for a week for free while you decide if you want it. If you choose not to buy the car, you’re free to change your mind without getting charged. 

Here is an example of a payment for a Tesla bought through Carvana. Credit: Carvana

In the example shown in the screenshot, this is a used 2013 Tesla Model S. On Carvana, it costs $34,600. When searching on their loan calculator, they estimate that if you had an “excellent” credit score and came prepared with a $3,000 down payment, your monthly payment would be just $487 per month.