How Drivers Can Get A Tesla For Less Than Their Current Car

By Shannon
How Drivers Can Get A Tesla For Less Than Their Current Car

Teslas have quickly become the new dream cars for a lot of people, and it’s easy to see why. With its electric engine, drivers never have to pay for gas again. It also has all of the same perks of driving a luxury sports car with its and sleek style, not to mention features like its self-driving mode. The one and only downside is that they can be very expensive if you buy them brand-new. Many people believe a Tesla is out of their price range, but it could actually be more affordable than you think.

According to Lending Tree, the average American car payment is $554 per month for a new car, $391 for a used car, and $457 for a lease. Believe it or not, it is possible for you to get a Tesla for the same or even less than the average payment. Here’s how.

If you buy a new Tesla, you will qualify for a tax rebate. Credit: Shutterstock

18. Take Advantage of Tax Rebates

Whenever a car manufacturer builds a new electric vehicle, the first people who buy the car directly from the factory get a tax credit. For the newest Tesla Model 3, that tax credit extended to January of 2019. So, unfortunately, that is over. But the good news is that the US government has decided to extend the tax credit to the first 400,000 buyers when it was just 200,000 before. 

You get cash back when you buy a Tesla. Credit: Shutterstock

This tax credit is also available to any electric car, not just a Tesla. The government wants to give the tax credit as an incentive for people to get cars that are good for the environment. So if you can’t afford to buy a luxury electric car just yet, consider taking advantage of the tax credit with a more affordable vehicle.