Famous Success Stories Who Once Failed Miserably

By Trista
Famous Success Stories Who Once Failed Miserably

You may look at celebrities and wealthy individuals and think they’ve got it made. They’re successful, financially stable, and loved by people all over the world. While this may be true, the pathway to stardom for many of them was not easy or free of struggle. Even those who seem like they’ve had a silver spoon in their mouth experience hardships. 

Some of your favorite stars have gone through failures before becoming successful. It’s a part of life that we all will experience a failure or two during our lifetime. That doesn’t mean that once you have a setback, it’s time to give up on your goals. Thanks to these stars, it’s great to see what can happen when you persevere. Keep reading to learn more about how some of the most successful people in history learned and grew from their failures.

J.K. Rowling published her first Harry Potter novel in 1997. Pixabay

1. J.K. Rowling

You probably know J.K. Rowling for being the creator of the Harry Potter series. She has authored several books, most notably the seven Harry Potter novels. These books were turned into movies that ended up grossing billions of dollars. You can find tons of Harry Potter merchandise as well as a Universal Studios theme park. 

But before she became one of the world’s richest authors, J.K. Rowling struggled. Early in her career, she was a single mom who was out of work. She would sit in a cafe and write her Harry Potter story ideas on napkins. Rowling went from living on welfare benefits to becoming the first billionaire author in the world.