Esther Wojcicki Raised Two CEOs & A Doctor – Here’s How She Did

Learning respect begins in the home. Credit: Burst by Shopify

39. Respect

Children should respect themselves as well as others. Early in life, children are taught to respect their elders as well as their teachers. As adults, we only respect the people who deserve it- not just because someone told us to respect them. Kids feel the same way. Someday in the future, your kids will have to respect their boss if they want to succeed. If they want to get far in life, they should know how to identify when someone else is treating them with respect so that they can avoid a situation where they are being taken advantage of. So it is vital to help guide them through this process.

It is clear that these little girls have respect for their mom. Credit: Burst by Shopify

The first step in teaching your kids respect is to treat them with respect. This is not achieved by punishing kids and ordering them to obey. You should not snap your fingers, yell, or order your kids around. They will pick up on this behavior, and start to treat other people this way, and that is disrespectful. Instead of overreacting when something goes wrong, have a conversation and try to work through it together. By modeling respectful behavior, your kids will grow up to be respectful kids.