Esther Wojcicki Raised Two CEOs & A Doctor – Here’s How She Did

By Shannon
Esther Wojcicki Raised Two CEOs & A Doctor – Here’s How She Did

In most families, it’s considered lucky if just one of the kids ends up being a huge success. But what if you could guarantee that each and every one of your children grew up to be wealthy? Esther Wojcicki is a mom and teacher living in Palo Alto, California, who raised two CEOs and a doctor. Her daughter Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube, her second daughter Janet is a doctor and a professor of Pediatrics, and her third daughter, Anne, was the co-founder of 23 And Me.

After spending a lifetime raising three successful daughters, Esther Wojcicki decided to publish the book How to Raise Successful People. In her book, she goes over some of the principles of how to help your kids grow up to be the best they can possibly be. Here are just a few tips on how she made that happen.

Trust that your child can handle themselves. Credit: Shutterstock

40. Trust

Esther Wojcicki has an acronym called “TRICK” with the most important elements of raising a child. T stands for “Trust” You need to trust your child and teach them that they can trust you too. Trust in your child’s ability to make their own decisions in life. After all, if you know that you raised a good child, show them that level of respect that you believe they’ll do the right thing.

Teach your child to trust you, and give that back in return. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s understandable if you feel afraid that your child will make bad decisions. But by trusting them to do the right thing, they won’t want to let you down. Remember that trust should only be broken if you have a good reason to do so. Give your child the opportunity to be trustworthy. If they get into trouble, regroup and make them understand that they need to regain your trust again.