Don’t Get Blindsided By These 60 Hidden Wedding Fees 

Electricity can be expensive at a wedding. Credit: Shutterstock

59. Power and Utilities

String lights, a DJ table, bathrooms, and all of the other utilities that go into running a wedding are not cheap. Some people forget that the overhead to run a venue is expensive, and the owners need to recoup the cost of having guests use their facilities. Sometimes, a venue owner will measure just how much power was used during the ceremony, and include that in your bill. Other times, the utilities are included in the contract. Just make sure you find out that information beforehand, so that you aren’t surprised with an extra fee. Even if you are planning to do a backyard wedding, you will also have to worry about the same problems. For example, can your septic system accomidate 150 people flushing the toilet? Probably not.