Don’t Get Blindsided By These 60 Hidden Wedding Fees 

By Shannon
Don’t Get Blindsided By These 60 Hidden Wedding Fees 

It’s no secret that getting married is one of the most expensive things people will do in their lives. In the United States, most couples plan to spend $15,000 on their wedding, but the average cost ends up becoming $30,000, after all of the unexpected fees. This is enough for a down payment on a house, or put a significant chunk into student loan debt. Once it’s time to actually plan your “I do’s”, many couples are completely shocked to find out just how many hidden costs there are behind throwing a wedding. It’s almost enough for you to want to throw in the towel and get eloped. Make sure you check out what 50 different expenses will surprise you before you waste a lot of money on unnecessary fees and expenses.

A lot of venues charge cake cutting fees for couples who are getting married. Credit: Shutterstock

60. Cake Cutting Fees

Believe it or not, a lot of venues will charge between $1 and $2 per slice to cut and serve the cake to your guests. This sounds almost unbelievable considering that you will probably be paying several hundred dollars for the cake in the first place. If you have 150 guests, cake cutting fees will be $300. Yikes. In a lot of cases, a venue will drop the cutting fee if you choose to use their in-house baker. You could ask your guests to cut their own slices, or opt to give out cupcakes instead.