Are These 40 Chain Restaurants Closing For Good?

By Shannon

These 40 chain restaurants are closing down locations across the United States. We’re not saying they will definitely disappear forever- but they just might. Even when the economy is struggling, people still have to eat. Going to a restaurant is one of the few things that most people still manage to squeeze into their budget. However, sometimes, chain eateries can flop if they aren’t too careful. Make sure you visit these places before they are gone for good!

Applebees serves a variety of different foods. Credit: Shutterstock

40. Applebees

No! Say it ain’t so! Applebee’s is a sit-down restaurant that is a family favorite. However, they spent a lot of money trying to overhaul their menu in order to attract Millennials to come to their restaurant and bar. Unfortunately, by changing the menu, it made some of the loyal customers upset that they could no longer get their favorite meals. From 2016 to 2018, they shut down a total of 225 locations.