50 Best Airplane Hacks That Will Make You a Better Traveler

By Shannon

Traveling to a new place is exciting, and you have probably been waiting months or even years to go on a great vacation. But the experience of going on an airplane is sometimes a huge nightmare, and it’s easy to forget how to be prepared. Before you go on your next flight, be sure to check out these 50 tips to make your journey far more enjoyable.

The MyTSA app will make your travel experience a lot easier. Credit: Shutterstock

50. Download the MyTSA App

The MyTSA app will give you estimated wait times, so that you can be prepared before you show up to the airport. They also give you some great tips about how to arrive prepared for your check-in process. As an added bonus, check out the TSA account on Instagram to see some of the ridiculous things people have tried to sneak on airplanes!