40 Things That Will Make You Instantly Happy – Without Money

It’s free to spend time with your family. Credit: Shutterstock

39. Spending Time With Family and Friends

If you are lucky enough to be married with kids, they should be one of your go-to sources for happiness. Spending time together can truly be a wonderful experience, and you don’t need money to do it. You could go outside to fly a kite, watch a movie on Netflix, or play a board game. On the flip side, if your family is one of the things that is bringing you a lot of unhappiness, maybe you should try to work on that. You can choose your friends, but you will only ever have one family.

It’s free to hang out with your friends. Credit: Shutterstock

Speaking of friends, they are also an amazing free source of joy. If you are low on cash, ask your buddies if they just want to come over for a cup of coffee, chat, or watching a movie together. It’s okay to be honest with them if you are on a budget. We have all been there. If they are your real friends, they won’t mind doing something that is free together, or they may even be willing to cover you until your next paycheck.