40 Remote Gigs That Generate as Much as the Average Remuneration

By Shannon
40 Remote Gigs That Generate as Much as the Average Remuneration

For many of us, finding a job where we can work from home is a dream scenario. This lifestyle often allows you to work in your pajamas, get rid of your commute, and often adds the flexibility to make your own schedule. While they may be hard to find, there are actually a lot of options out there for various types of work-at-home jobs that will fit nearly every skill set you can imagine. Salaries have not been included in this post, because it can vary dramatically depending on where you live. In most cases, these jobs require you to hustle for new clients, which will also dramatically change how much money you make. But the beautiful thing about working for yourself from the comfort of home is that there is often no limit to your potential income.

If you’re good at math and keeping records, you can be a bookkeeper. Credit: Pixabay

40. Bookkeeper

A lot of small businesses need help keeping records of their daily sales, business expenses, and payroll. You also have to use accounting software in order to have all of their paperwork ready for tax season.  Since it’s really just doing some math and keeping financial records, you do not need to be a certified accountant. This work can be done from anywhere, especially if you are syncing up to the software your client uses for their cash register, as well as transactions synced up with accounting software like Quickbooks. Usually, employers like to see some sort of past experience, and at least an associate’s degree with classes in accounting and higher level math.