40 Reasons Why Reviving Home Economics Would Help Future Children

Learning to sew can come in handy when you need to make a quick repair. Credit: Shutterstock

39. Sewing Basic Clothing Repairs

Years ago, every young girl was taught how to sew in school, and she knew how to mend and patch clothing. Nowadays, with the growing “fast fashion” industry, no one finds it to be necessary anymore. With the prevalence of cheap second-hand clothing at thrift stores, many people have found it easier to throw their ripped clothes away and buy new ones. This is incredibly wasteful, and many people do not realize the impact it has on the planet. According to EDGE, every single person throws away an average of 70 pounds of clothing per year, when 95% of that material could have been recycled. On top of being environmentally conscious, it can also help keep your favorite clothes around a lot longer.  If you have a rip along a seam, it should be easy to sew a straight line and repair it with a needle and thread. If you have never done this before, check out YouTube for quick tutorial videos, and pick up a sewing kit at the dollar store.