40 Reasons Why Reviving Home Economics Would Help Future Children

By Shannon

There is a running joke among Millennials that they don’t know “how to adult”. For many people, this is not a joke. It’s a sad reality that they do not know how to do a lot of basic things. Years ago, Home Economics class was a requirement for secondary schools. Today, it has been removed with the assumptions that parents are going to teach their kids everything. Maybe parents never got the memo, because plenty of young people who grew up in the middle class have been raised without learn basic life skills. They go to college, and then the real world. Suddenly, full-grown adults in their 20’s don’t know how to do things that their parents took for granted. In reality, this is not the Millennial’s fault. If no one teaches you “how to adult”, how are they expected to know it? Here are 40 great reasons why Home Economics class needs to come back for the next generation.

Every adult should know how to fill out a check properly. Credit: Shutterstock

40. Learning How to Write a Check

Digital banking, debit cards, and even cryptocurrency are all making paper checks obsolete. Yes, some day, checks will be a distant memory, and every year, they are being used less and less. Many people can even pay their rent online. However, there are still moments where companies play it old school, and they want a hand-written check. It is also necessary to have checks or money orders when you are transferring large amounts of money when buying a house. Even if your kids will only need to write a check a few times in their life, it is still important for them to know how to do it, if only to save themselves the embarrassment some day in the future.