40 Reasons Why Being A Stay-At-Home Mom is Harder Than Going to Work

Most stay-at-home moms lose their identity once they stop working. Credit: Shutterstock

39. You Lose Your Sense of Self

For most people, our identity is connected to our work. So once someone becomes just “mommy” or “daddy” and that’s it, we no longer feel like we are our own person. That can feel like you are losing your own identity. Suddenly, your entire existence is dedicated to taking care of the needs of another tiny human being. For some people, this is incredibly rewarding, because all they have ever wanted is to be a mother. For others, it can be incredibly difficult, and often leads to resentment and depression. If you are in this situation, try to remember all of the things that you enjoy, and what makes you unique. Remember that you are still you, no matter what your job description may be.