40 Ominous Signs Of A Toxic Organization Culture

Is your boss constantly being overly critical, and threatening to fire you? Credit: Pexels

39. You Are In Constant Fear Of Being Fired

If your boss is acting like a dictator, this goes hand-in-hand with having the constant fear of being fired. They typically dangle this possibility over the heads of the employees. More often than not, their boss makes them feel like they are not doing a “good job”. This makes everyone upset when they are at work. It also fosters mistrust, and people feel as if they cannot get comfortable in their position. 

So many people fear the day that they will be told to pack up their desk. Credit: Shutterstock

Even if your boss is not acting like a dictator, you still may be in a toxic situation if you realize that people are being fired for small infractions. Or, you see that once someone gets a bit too old, pregnant, or sick, they are suddenly told to leave the company. Having a sense of job security is extremely important for your productivity and mental well-being. How can you be expected to be loyal to a company if you know that they won’t be loyal to you?