40 Ominous Signs Of A Toxic Organization Culture

By Shannon
40 Ominous Signs Of A Toxic Organization Culture

Are you spending your days in a toxic work environment? Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out just how bad your work situation is if you don’t have anything else to compare it to. Are all jobs terrible? Or are you working in an especially bad situation?

You don’t need to have all 40 of these bullet points in order for your workplace to be considered toxic. It just might take a few of these to justify wanting to leave. If you feel truly unhappy at your job, it will negatively affect the rest of your life. It may be time to get your resume ready and move on to better opportunities.

Some managers like to act like a dictator. Credit: Shutterstock

40. Your Boss Acts Like A Dictator

Nearly everyone has experienced having at least one boss who is a control freak and a total narcissist. They are high on their own supply and enjoy putting down their employees. In their eyes, they can do no wrong. If your boss is like a dictator, you may feel like you are walking on eggshells around them, and you are totally afraid to step out of line for fear of some kind of punishment.

Dictators try to control and manipulate their followers to do their bidding. Credit: Shutterstock

A good leader should see themselves as part of the team, not the ruler. They are diplomatic and willing to listen to issues. You should not feel afraid of your boss. Unfortunately, you have no control over how other people behave. It is likely that your boss will never change who they are as a person. But you have the choice to not let yourself be trampled over by someone else by finding somewhere else to work.