40 of the Highest-Paid Celebrities in 2019

By Trista
40 of the Highest-Paid Celebrities in 2019

2019 isn’t over yet, but the top celebrities are raking in the cash! Through endorsements, tours, acting gigs, and other opportunities, the highest-paid celebrities are making serious money. Singers, actors, sports stars and influencers make up the list of the highest-paid celebs of the year. It’s crazy to think of one person earning hundreds of millions of dollars, but it happens. Talent, luck, and hard work have these celebrities making big bucks.

Many of these celebrities have several ways of earning income, leading to high profits. Songwriting and touring are major moneymakers for musicians. Sports stars rake in most of their money from endorsements. Media personalities use their talents to gain an audience and earn money. In the last twelve months, these stars have earned a total of $6.3 billion! Have you ever wondered which entertainers earn the most and how they make their money? Keep reading to learn more about the highest earners of 2019.


Credit: Entertainment Tonight

1. Taylor Swift

As of July 2019, Taylor Swift has earned more than $185 million! This pop star got her start in 2006 on the country music scene and has been a force in the music world ever since. Taylor Swift writes most of her own songs, which helps her earn a lot of money.

Her Reputation Tour in 2018 brought in over $266 million making it the highest-grossing United States tour ever. She signed a deal with Universal’s Republic Records and has an album coming out in August of 2019. This deal entitles her to proceeds from Universal’s sale of its $1 billion Spotify stake. Thanks to touring, releasing music, and endorsement deals, Taylor Swift is the top-earning celebrity.