40 Home-Based Gigs That Pay Surprisingly Well

By Trista
40 Home-Based Gigs That Pay Surprisingly Well

Not everyone is made to handle the 9-to-5 grind that most people are used to doing. For some moms and dads, or even single folks with no kids, they have a plethora of reasons as to why punching a clock just is not for them. Maybe they want to skip the busy commute, or they prefer a nighttime schedule. It might make more sense to stay at home with young children than paying outrageous prices for daycare.

Luckily, there are jobs you can work from home that actually pay more than you realize. That can be a relief for those who are looking to minimize their stress while still making something of a livable wage, or it can be a great way to supplement the income you already have. Here are the top 40 jobs you could be doing from home, some in your pajamas!


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1. Personal Caterer To Satisfy Appetites

There are some people who have a knack for cooking, and if it’s a passion for you, then you could quickly put those talents to good use! You can also do majority of the work from your own kitchen.

Whether it’s baking desserts or making full savory meals, there’s definitely a market for that kind of thing. You could cater small parties, provide pastries to buy from your home, or provide lunch meals to a workplace, all for a hefty chunk of change. It does mean being locked in your kitchen for a few hours each day to make sure everything is perfect, but if it’s something you enjoy, then it will feel less like actual work.