40 Amazing Dollar Tree Items For Weddings on a Budget

By Shannon

Shopping for a wedding is one of the most expensive things you will ever do in your life. Every penny counts, because it adds up to thousands of dollars once everything is said and done. So it only makes sense that so many people are trying to save money on wedding decor. There is no cheaper place to shop in the United States than Dollar Tree, where absolutely everything in the store is only $1. Keep in mind that not every Dollar Tree has the same inventory. So you can find anything you need on DollarTree.com, and it can be shipped to your nearest location, or home address. Just keep in mind that certain items might require you to buy a minimum amount before they ship it. However, if you are stocking up for your wedding, you may need tons of stuff, anyway.

DIY Seating charts made out of frames. Credit: DollarTree.com

40. DIY Picture Frame Seating Charts

When your guests arrive at the wedding reception, they will need to find out where they are sitting. On Pinterest, there are tons of seating chart ideas out there, and one of them is to repurpose picture frames, and writing on the glass using a chalkboard marker. The Dollar Tree blog has a full step-by-step tutorial on how you can make this at home.