34 Best-Paying Occupations For 2019

By Trista
34 Best-Paying Occupations For 2019

Do you think that you need to go back to school for a degree and take on a tremendous amount of student loan debt in order to secure a high-paying job? Think again. With some ingenuity and development of personal leadership skills, you can get a high-paying job that may not require a degree. Read on to learn about the best-paying jobs in America.


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There are numerous career paths to follow in the healthcare field.

1. Most of the Best-Paying Jobs Are in Healthcare

If you are looking for a stable career that will last over the long-term, the best place to start looking is in healthcare. People will always need healthcare, so you run little chance of your job becoming obsolete in the long-term. Additionally, healthcare jobs tend to be surprisingly stable over the years.

Healthcare jobs go far beyond being a doctor or nurse. Pharmacists and many technicians require much less training than an MD, but they still bring home sizeable salaries. In 2019, most of the 25 best-paying jobs, according to a survey by CNBC, were in healthcare.