30 Ways Money Changes People – And Not For Good

By Trista
30 Ways Money Changes People – And Not For Good

We’ve all heard the phrase that money is the “root of all evil.” You might understand this phrase more than other people. Some people start to develop a taste for money, while others see it as the door to greed. But no matter what you think about money, one fact never changes — you can’t live without it. 

People need money for everything from a place to live to food for sustaining life. Sometimes people grow up poor and then find themselves rich. Other people grew up comfortably and continue to live the same way. You probably have different feelings and thoughts about money than other people you know, and this idea is typical because money changes the way you think and feel. Now, the question is, why and how – does money change people?

We broke down the many ways it does in our list below.

Psychologists want to know why people change when they become wealthy. Pixabay.

30. Continued Study Of How Money Changes People

For the past couple of decades, psychologists focused on several studies about the way people react towards money. They want to know why some poor people tend to give more than some who are wealthy. Psychologists want to understand why people start to treat themselves and other people differently when they become wealthy. 

Throughout their studies, psychologists proved that money influences the way people think and act. They note that many people look at economic status as a way to show themselves to their neighbors, and once many people reach a high financial status, they start looking at the world differently.