30 US Towns People Should Never Retire In

The train station and bus depot in Santa Ana, CA. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

29. Santa Ana, CA

California is the most densely populated state. Santa Ana has a population of 332,725 people. Real estate in California is notoriously expensive no matter where you go, so it won’t be surprising that prices are also high in Santa Ana even though it’s more affordable than sky-high towns like Los Angeles. The workforce is an even mix of both blue and white collar occupations, and the per capita income is just $18,121 per person. Education levels are also lower than most of the country.

Traffic is notoriously bad, so most residents choose to take the bus for work even if they own a car because the commute is so stressful. The population of Santa Ana is 77% Hispanic or Latino, and 45% of residents were not born in the United States. Not surprisingly, the majority of people speak Spanish in the town. Unfortunately, crime rates are also very high.