30 Top-Ranking Direct-To-Consumer Brands Of 2019

A happy family lying on a brand new Casper mattress. Credit: Casper

29. Casper

The mattress industry is worth billions of dollars, but no one really enjoys going to a mattress store. Casper has been called “The Millennial’s Mattress.” At first, the founders got a lot of pushback, because no one believed that anyone would actually be willing to buy a mattress online. Even though they had a lot of doubt coming their way, they had a clever marketing campaign where they sent free mattresses to influencers in exchange for a review.

Casper mattresses arrive at your door in a large box. Credit: Casper

Once customers saw examples of their favorite YouTubers and celebrities talking about Casper, this fostered more trust in the company, and they began to gain in popularity. On top of that, there was also a growing concern with “self-care”, which includes sleeping better. So they fully took advantage of the trends. Today, Casper has a valuation of $1.1 billion.