30 Signs You’re a Victim of Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is often about control. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Controlling Your Spending

A financially abusive partner will try to tell the other what to do with their money- whether they earned it or not. For example, even if the stay-at-home mom is getting an spending money from her husband’s paycheck, it should be up to her to decide how what she does with it.  Raising kids is hard work, and a woman deserves to get herself a Starbucks coffee or a manicure every once in a while. So long as the basic needs are being met, and their financial goals are on-track, one person should not be telling the other what to do. This is even more of an issue when both partners are working, and yet the other is trying to control what their partner does with their hard-earned money. This type of control may be more subtle and passive aggressive, like saying with disgust, “I can’t believe you bought that stupid thing.”