30 Signs That Reveal Someone Is Middle-Class

Some people pretend to be rich, even if they’re middle class. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Pretending to Be Upper Class

A lot of middle-class people aspire to be rich. They want to drive a brand new car, live in a big house, and wear nice clothes so that they can feel like they are living the same lifestyle as a wealthy person. When someone asks how much money they make, they might lie and inflate their income to be more than it actually is. To them, having a lot of money is how they measure success.

There are plenty of middle-class people with a closet full of expensive clothes they can’t actually afford. Credit: Shutterstock

Many of these “fake rich” people are always worried about how they are going to pay for their bills in order to keep up with their lavish lifestyle. Truly rich people were able to grow wealth because they were smart with money and lived within their means. Many real millionaires don’t actually care about looking rich because they care too much about their business.