30 Signs Someone Will Never Become Rich

Successful people are often burning the midnight oil. Credit: Shutterstock

29. You Only Work 40 Hours Per Week

Nowadays, you hear a lot about having a “work-life balance.” Most self-made millionaires made their money by working more than 40 hours per week. You may have heard of a book called The 4 Hour Work Week. While this has some amazing advice on how to delegate others to do work for you, the actual 4-hour-work week lifestyle is usually achieved after working 60 to 100 hours per week for years before you can delegate tasks.

Most successful people work way more than 40 hours a week. Credit: Shutterstock

Remember that making a lot of money is rarely going to be as easy. It comes from hard work and persistence that has happened over several years. Remember that in the end, it will all be worth it once you have achieved your goals.