30 Signs Someone Will Become Very Wealthy

Self-made millionaires tend to be over-achievers. Credit: Shutterstock

29. You’re an Overachiever

There are some people out there who feel satisfied with themselves if they just pay the bills. Future millionaires would never be okay with the status quo of what most people consider “normal.” They want to go above and beyond what the average person does.

Successful people try to achieve more than the average person. Credit: Shutterstock

According to Psychology Today, most successful people are over-achievers, and they always have been. These are the people who were striving to be better in sports, academics, and games. However, the real key to this over-achievement is when it comes from self-motivation. For example, if you were forced to get straight As because your parents told you to, you might lose that motivation to overachieve once you’re an adult. But if you inherently have this internal fire in your soul, it’s a good thing for your financial future.