30 Signs Someone Will Become Very Wealthy

By Shannon
30 Signs Someone Will Become Very Wealthy

Every self-made millionaire was once just the kid next door.  Have you ever wondered if their friends and family all saw greatness in them from an early age, or it was a surprise to everyone wants to grow up? 

If you’re on your own journey of trying to become a millionaire, you might wonder if you are destined to achieve that goal as well. It turns out that most millionaires have certain traits in common. If you have some or most of these qualities, you just might be on your way to becoming a millionaire. 

Most millionaires were passionate about earning money at an early age. Credit: Shutterstock

30. They Earn Money at an Early Age 

In the United States, most places will not hire you until you are 16 years old. And if you were raised by parents who insisted that you focus on your education, you might not even have your first job until you leave college. But people who were born to be millionaires are often eager to earn money as soon as humanly possible. If you were someone who eagerly asked to mow your neighbor’s lawns, babysit, or do whatever you could to make money from the time you were young, it is a sign that you are motivated to succeed.

Were you a prodigy at investing? Credit: Shutterstock

Some of the most successful people in the world started business ventures when they were young. When Marc Cuban was 12 years old, he started selling trash bags door-to-door. At the tender age of 6, Warren Buffet sold cans of Coca Cola and chewing gum. P.T. Barnum, the man who would grow up to found the Barnum & Bailey Circus, began his business ventures by selling lottery tickets at his local general store.