30 Outrageous Costs of Living Like a Billionaire

By Shannon
30 Outrageous Costs of Living Like a Billionaire

Almost everyone dreams of becoming a billionaire some day, and plenty of people daydream about lounging in a mansion with everything they could possibly buy. But few of us actually imagine just how much money it costs to keep up with the lavish lifestyle we see on movies and TV. Keep in mind that the lifestyle choices of millionaires and billionaires will vary drastically. (After all, Warren Buffet still lives in the same house that he has had for decades, and he keeps the same car for years on end, too.) But these are 30 examples of how much it costs for the stereotypical choices we expect from a “billionaire lifestyle”.

Most billionaires live in a mansion. Credit: Shutterstock

30. A Huge Mansion

When we imagine a billionaire lifestyle, one of the first place everyone’s mind goes to is a lavish mansion. And it’s not just any mansion. We’re talking a mega-mansion of palace-like proportions. Maybe it’s located in a luxurious destination, as well. According to Realtor.com, the average mansion in The Hamptons costs $15 million. A 20% down payment would be nearly $3 million, and the monthly mortgage is well over $60,000. Not to mention the cost of electricity, heating, cooling, and the staff that may be necessary to keep up with the property.