30 High Paying Jobs With a Low Stress Lifestyle

Writers can make their own hours and make money doing what they love. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Self-Published Author

Amazon.com has revolutionized the way writers think about publishing. For years, no one took you seriously as a writer unless a publishing company deemed your work worthy. The downside to this model is that if a book does not sell like gangbusters overnight, the novels are returned to the author. Sometimes, the sales may not even be enough to cover the advance. So if you are a write, consider becoming a self-published author.

Instead of getting a traditional publishing deal, authors can directly upload their books for people to read on Kindle or Apple Books. This way, you will get paid directly for every single sale of your book, for as long as it is online. For most writers, they made a lot more money this way, and many have been able to turn it into a viable business. The average pay for a self-published author honestly depends on the quality of their work, and the number of sales.