30 Easy Upgrades To Help Sell Your House Quickly

By Shannon

If you are looking to sell your house, chances are, you cannot put it on the market as-is and expect it to sell right away. In a competitive real estate market, you will have to do some upgrades in order for your property to stand out from the rest. Here are thirty tips to getting your house ready to sell in a jiffy.

Families want to move into their new house as soon as possible. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Make Your House Move-In-Ready

This bullet point is a general rule to keep in mind. Yes, it’s true that there are people out there who are looking for a “fixer upper”, but the vast majority of today’s buyers simply do not have the time or budget for a huge makeover like what we see on TV.

Keep in mind that after the 2008 Recession, it has become very difficult for people to qualify for a mortgage. The only people who can afford to buy a house will be very busy. They are often a two-income household where both partners work full-time, or a single person with multiple side hustles. Chances are, they hardly have time to move in their belongings on the weekends, let alone wait for any remodeling. They want to be able to move in and settle down as soon as possible. Begin looking around your house, and ask yourself if there is anything that stands out as a huge red flag for potential buyers. If it’s too hard for you to see it, ask your friends and family to be honest with you about any issues.