30 Cities Where Expats Can Make Six Figures Around The World

By Shannon

Ever thought about moving to a new country and starting a new life? If you want to become a resident, you will need to find a job if you want to immigrate to a new country, whether it’s just temporary, or for the rest of your life.  HSBC Expat conducted a study in 2018 to see where expats are making the most money around the world. Keep in mind that most of these jobs will required Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in various areas of study. The immigration laws also vary from country to country of course, so be sure to do your research and apply for visas that apply to each country.

Istanbul is a beautiful city full of culture. Credit: Pixabay

30. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish is the main language, but many people in Istanbul also speak English. Its main exports are in clothing, textile, and leather.

Median Expat Income: $100,577