30 “Loser Jobs” that Will Pay You 6 Figures a Year

By Simi

There have been enough college dropout CEO’s that turned billionaire to prove that life is a crapshoot. When you create what people want or you offer a service people need, you can make a surprising amount of money.

If you can figure out what is highly desirable and trendy, you might have a shot at being the next wealthy person from a loser job. There are jobs you wouldn’t think would pay well and you might even judge someone for choosing the profession. The point is, there are jobs and business ideas that are equivalent to a doctor’s salary. A lot of these jobs require very little education if any at all.

The famous CEO’s we know today just happen to love business or computers. Their industry has only developed into bigger and better things. The guy with the grilled cheese food truck is also doing what he loves and bringing home the bacon. Here are some inspirational ideas where people are making a bunch of money doing loser jobs.

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1. Becoming a Long Shoreman

You can usually spot a longshoreman. The grubby looking guy getting out of a huge truck and heading into his premium condo in the best part of town. A longshoreman needs no education but they more money than a ship’s officer.

Sure. There’s a lot of glories becoming a ship’s officer but it takes years to achieve the glory. The Merchant Marine Academy is demanding and takes a lot of time to get through. A longshoreman usually goes through a lottery process to get this actually much-coveted position. You load and unload cargo ships.

It’s actually really simple and if you stay around for long enough, you can likely become a foreman. The job pays between $70,000 to $120,000 per year and there’s not a lot of stress involved. A foreman can make up to $250,000. Getting in isn’t easy. You usually have to know someone who’s already involved in the union.

There’s some talk that mafia has a lot of employees working in the shipyard. They tend to slack and not show up to work so you have to manage more. Really though, if that’s your biggest stress for six figures a year, you’re doing pretty well.