30 Basic Life Skills Parents Can Teach Their Children for Success

By Trista
30 Basic Life Skills Parents Can Teach Their Children for Success

Let’s be honest; parenting can suck at times. It seems like more and more kids are leaving home with less and less basic skills needed to get them through life. Gone are the days of Home Economic classes being taught in schools. Parents are busier than ever, with more dual-income homes than ever before. Many times, unfortunately, taking the time to teach life skills to our kids falls by the wayside. How will our future generation learn these essential life skills?

Parents should find time to teach kids these necessary life skills to get kids ready for the reality of the day to day life in the real world. Here are 30 essential life skills parents should teach their kids for maximum success at navigating the real world:


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1. How to Change a Flat Tire

It is no fun thinking of your teen stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, especially a country road without much traffic. Do you believe roadside assistance will always be there to change your teens’ tire? Roadside assistance doesn’t help if your teen is driving in a remote location where roadside assistance is unavailable, or their cell phone is dead. Even if your teen can reach roadside assistance, they may still be there waiting on the side of the road awhile until roadside assistance can get there, sometimes even longer if severe weather or traffic conditions are causing significant delays.

Driving teenagers should know how to change a flat tire and have the necessary tools accessible in their car.  These tools include a spare tire and a jack, among other tools to get the job done. If you are not sure how to change a flat tire yourself, there are plenty of online tutorials out there that can walk you step by step. It is vital for your kids’ safety and convenience to teach them how to change a flat tire.