30 Bad Habits You Should Break Before You Turn 30

By Simi

Turning 30 is a watershed moment for most people. It’s officially time to say goodbye to your youthful 20s where you were establishing your identity as an adult. By now, you should have made most of the adult mistakes you’re going to make.

The time before turning 30 is a time for introspection. You need to take a good, long, hard look at yourself. It’s time to ask questions such as, “What have I accomplished?” You need to ask yourself how far you are in the process of achieving your life goals. This is also the perfect opportunity to review some of the bad habits you’ve adopted during your 20s that you don’t wish to carry with you into your 30s.

Use the chance the run-up to turning 30 presents to you to become more mindful of yourself and the people and things you surround yourself with. Make a checklist of the positive habits you’ve developed and the bad habits you’ve broken. Now, make a checklist of the bad habits you want to leave behind. It’s likely the second list will be longer than the first. Then it’s time to sort yourself out. Set goals for yourself and list ways in which you plan to implement them.

If you’re turning 30 and think you’ve got it all handled and you’re on top of it all, you might be in for a nasty surprise. Read about these 30 bad habits you should break before you turn 30. You might find a few that resonate strongly with you.

1. Living from weekend to weekend

Sure, the week is different from the weekend. The week includes work, which takes up a sizable chunk of your time. The weekend is a time to relax, unwind and do things you love. The week is made up of work, eat and sleep. The weekend is made up of having a good time.

That’s not how it’s meant to be. You do have some free time during the week. Learn to put it to better use than staring at the TV like a zombie. Find a hobby you can incorporate into your daily routine. Think about joining a book club or a wine-tasting group. It allows you to meet more people and make use of that time after work in a constructive manner.

If you’re office-bound in front of a computer all day at work, make sure you choose a hobby that doesn’t involve a screen at all. Take up a hobby that requires you to interact with people and forget about your tech for a few hours.